We provide the following services


Creating your Business

We will advise you on starting your business and set up your corporation, joint venture, or partnership. We can also draft related agreements to support your business including shareholder agreements, employment contracts, and leases.

Maintaining your Business

We will maintain your corporate records and complete the annual Corporate Registry filings as well as prepare annual dividend resolutions in accordance with your accountants instructions.

Reorganization and Succession Planning

We will work with your tax adviser to carry out corporate steps for tax driven reorganizations and succession planning.


Buying and Selling

We will provide reliable legal advice, appropriate due diligence and carefully prepared agreements and supporting documentation in order to ensure a smooth and successful sale or purchase of a business, whether by way of an asset or share purchase.


Commercial law has a significant impact on most aspects of running a business. Carefully drafted written agreements, such as employment agreements, help to avoid misunderstandings down the road.


We can help you interpret and negotiate bank financing arrangements and to properly structure, document and securitize credit arrangements.

Commercial Real Estate

Buying and selling commercial real estate involves special risks that don’t arise, for example, on the purchase or sale of a home. We can help you to draft purchase and sale agreements and facilitate closings. We can also assist with leasing arrangements and preparation of leases.

Wills and Estates


A Will is an essential part of any estate plan. We can help you develop a scheme of distribution that will ensure your intentions are carried out and that satisfies the legal and moral obligations that the law imposes on testators, so as to minimize the risk of challenges to your Will.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document which grants conduct of the grantors financial affairs and/or property to a trusted individual such as a spouse. They are an important tool in planning for incapacity and can be limited or broad in their scope, depending on your needs.

Representation Agreements

Representation Agreements allow people to choose, in advance, how, when and by whom decisions about their health or personal care will be made if they become incapable of making decisions independently.


The legal position of an executor or administrator can be perilous. We regularly act for clients to obtain grant of letters probate or letters of administration and assist in the administration of estates through to distribution. We can also help to resolve disputes that can and often do arise over the adequacy or interpretation of a Will or in the administration of an estate.

Real Estate

Real Estate

We can assist you with the purchase and sale of your home, farm or vacant property to ensure that the transaction closes smoothly and efficiently. We can also assist you with mortgage financing or refinancing of your present home.